The Spoils: New Player Pack, The Basic Box of Awesomeness, Splatter, AT-81001

The Spoils: New Player Pack, The Basic Box of Awesomeness, Splatter, AT-81001

  • ₱999.00

In 2001, a team of hardcore gamers, top-level pro players, and veteran game developers locked themselves away in a small room to create the world's best trading card game. The Spoils was the result and, after five years of skillful testing, it was unleashed upon the world.

The Spoils is also the unique vision of a fantasy world gone terribly wrong. Sometimes comical, often bizarre, the dark whimsy and grisly humor of The Spoils is sure to delight and entertain. If you resurrected JRR Tolkien, HP Lovecraft, and Lewis Carroll, and then forced them to write an epic together, it might come out something like The Spoils.

Arcane Tinmen leads the charge against the scourge of new game confusion with the The Basic Box of Awesomeness! Revisit the shadowy Arcanists engaged in surreal and obsessive rituals, the ruthless Bankers who overwhelm their opponents with bribery, bureaucracy, and hired goons, the mischievous Gearsmiths who delight in ingenious contraptions and gadgetry, and adventuresome Rogues and bloodthirsty Warlords with these New Player Packs for The Spoils! The perfect introduction to The Spoils for new players.

  • Each New Player Pack contains five ready-to-play, 40-card decks (one for each of the five trades)
  • Includes Quick Start Rules and Glossary
  • Five random foil cards and foil resources

Manufacturer: Arcane Tinmen
Product Code: AT-81001
Product Line: Spoils, The CCG 2nd Edition
Release Date: 2014